Roughage & Bedding

Vestjens Straw Products is a chaff and straw processing company based in Haelen, the Netherlands. We produce intensively cleaned straw fibre in plastic bales for the agricultural sector. Our long experience has enabled us to build a reputation as a trusted supplier. We are based close to our main sales markets (Benelux, Germany, France and Great Britain).

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Roughage & Bedding

We have a long history of supplying to dairy, pig and poultry farms, as well as stables, throughout the Netherlands and beyond. Our ambition is to tailor our products as closely as possible to the needs and wishes of agricultural businesses, with the aim of raising animal welfare to even higher levels.

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Top quality

Modern agricultural businesses have exacting standards. All of our feeds and bedding products are made from top-quality raw materials. This is the result of our in-house quality assurance system combined with research and laboratory activities.

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Vestjens Straw Products

Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facility equipped with advanced sieving techniques, mixers and dust removal processes, we are able to meet the ever higher and stricter standards that apply to animal feeds and litter materials. We process around 40,000 tonnes of straw each year.                                                

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